K-9 Companions Nashville
Koko is a “new” dog & such a pleasure to take on walks and be around. Before her training with you, we began to wonder if we had not made a mistake taking on the rearing of a pup. We know now that it was the right decision and Koko will be our valued canine companion for years to come. Thank you.

Bob Banfield – ABC Eyewitness News Team

K-9 Companions Nashville

K-9 companions Mt Juliet – I cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for my Ellie Belle. She is a young pup with lots of energy and was very hard to control. I dreaded taking her out for a walk because she would not listen and actually ended up walking me instead!!! After 3 weeks at k-9 companions, she is a different dog and I can really enjoy walking her now. She still needs daily conditioning but she is consistent following all the commands that she was taught. The facility is immaculate and all of the people that I came in contact with were super. There is no doubt all of the staff love animals and I when I went to pick Ellie up, there was no doubt that Ellie loved them also. That made me feel so good to know they had treated my dog so well. After Ellie had been there a few days, they contacted me to let me know that Ellie was not eating very well. They offered (with my permission) to try mixing other ingredients with her food to hopefully help her to eat. It worked!! That was only one thing (of many) that really impressed me and let me know they cared about my dog. I got many pictures and updates about how her training was going which also meant a lot to me. I want to give special thanks to Nikki, She is awesome!!! When I went for my training, I was able to record (Nikki and Ellie’s demonstration) on my phone of what Ellie had learned. Now when I play that back and Ellie hears Nikki’s voice she starts howling and wagging her tail.(LOL) Great facility – Great staff. I would highly recommend K-9 companions to anyone that wants great training for their dog. Thanks so much to Karen, Nikki and the entire team!!!!!

Kay Patterson – LaFayette, TN

K-9 Companions Nashville

K9 companions is amazing! I first brought my dog, Zinnia, to K9 companions when she was 5 months old. She panted and shook with anxiety and you could barely get her attention. After 3 weeks with them, she came back an entirely different dog. She was confident and attentive. It’s been almost two years and she’s gone back several times to train. In fact, today she just got certified as a service and therapy dog (we have her amazing trainer Nikki to thank for that!) I’m eternally grateful for K9 companions and what they have done for both Zinnia and me!

Allegra Rumbough – Nashville, TN

K-9 Companions Nashville

We had our rescue Dalmatian (Frankie) trained back in June. He had/has severe anxiety because of his past and doesn’t like other large dogs. We recently moved to Korea with the Army and took both him and our other dog with us. Frankie did amazing one all four flights and extremely well on our 14 hour layover and the week stay in the hotel. He got a first time go at customs because of his training. This would not have been a good move had K-9 Companions not trained him. He still has a little work to go before we can say he is trained 100% but we have only gotten one complement after the next since we have been in Korea.

Hilary Baumler-Tomassetti – Clarksville, TN (S. Korea)

K-9 Companions Nashville

Our dog started with K-9 Companions, April 2019, for his first obedience boot camp to work toward the goal of eventually becoming a certified service dog for our son. We were amazed when we picked him up and saw his progress!! The entire time he was gone (3 weeks) we received daily text with his picture and what he skills he worked on with the trainer. When we picked him up the trainer showed us what to do, let us practice, and answered all of our questions. Over the last 6 months they have kept in touch with text and a home visit. Now our dog is back for his 2nd boot camp. As soon as we arrived, he seemed so excited to be there! We felt at ease leaving him and look forward to seeing him advance. Staff is professional, knowledgeable, and kind. Facility is top-notch! Highly recommend!

Angela Braach – Murfreesboro, TN

K-9 Companions Nashville

I can’t say enough about K9 Companions. We started with an evaluation when our Standard Poodle was 3 months old. We wanted her to be a service dog. She went to Doggie training at 4 months and she came back a different dog. Trained beautifully! People’ could not believe how obedient and calm she was. Now at 10 months she is being trained to be just as obedient outside without a lead. She also is being trained to pick up and get items for me. She is learning all kinds of things that will benefit me as a service dog (I have MS).
She will go back closer to when she is full grown to be fitted for her harness and learn how to pull and help me balance. Nikki has been a godsend. They let you know their progress and send wonderful photos and videos of your dogs. The facility is like a home away from home. The dogs are treated like family. I would recommend them for any dog training!

Michele D Burchell – Nashville, TN

K-9 Companions Nashville

If I could give K-9 Companions 10 stars I would. I researched many training facilities before coming to K-9 Companions, from the moment I visited I knew this is where my boy would go. They were kind and caring with my fur baby Leon Redd and Karen took the time to answer any questions I had. The facility is clean, fresh, and welcoming they have a very low number of pups they enroll which is wonderful because you know your pup will get the best care. My boy learned so much and I can’t wait to send him back for even more training. Thank you to Karen and her entire staff.

Jenny Garner – Clarksville, TN

K-9 Companions Nashville

I have known K-9 Companions Nashville and it’s staff for over 30 years. Their professionalism and desire to train dogs is unparalleled to any other dog training facility I’ve ever known. The attention to detail and to adjust your dogs behavior into a livable, lovable companion is incredible. Their customer service is also A+ and they take the time to listen and train the dog owner with the necessary skills to continue where they left off once the dog returns back home. I highly recommend K-9 Companions Nashville and feel that they are the best and ONLY solution for your four legged companion. Be a Companion to your dog today, be a K-9 Companions Nashville graduate.

David Macias – Riverside, CA

In January, 2018 we rescued a 2 year old female American Bulldog. Two days before we were to pick her up, we received a call from the Giant Schnauzer Rescue asking if we could take a 2 year old male (30″ at the shoulder). So, we picked up the female on Tuesday, and drove to KY to pick up the male on Thursday. The female is extremely sensitive, very shy, timid, fearful of everything outdoors (all sounds) and some things indoors. She runs away from anything she doesn’t know. The male is exactly the opposite. He is hard-headed, strong willed, boisterous, high energy, immature, and meets everything head-on although not aggressive. The two dogs did not get along because he was too big and strong and out of control for her to feel safe and comfortable around. He barked non-stop the first 15 days and barked at her every time she was near. This, too, caused her to be afraid of being anywhere near him. Neither dog had any socialization to speak of and either lived in a cage or was left in a fenced back yard to get into any mischief he desired. First, he would dig under the fence, and then when he got large enough he jumped the fence. The male could not be out of his kennel because he would run around the house, playing “catch me if you can”. He would not lie down and just be a dog even if he was kept on a lead. His excessive energy and ‘party-animal’ behavior kept him in his kennel all the time unless he went outside or for a walk. Neither dog had any training in basic manners or had lived with people who spent any time with them to train them when they were younger. The two dogs could not be any different from their color to their personalities and behaviors. Our home was their last and only chance at a forever home. We knew we were unable to work with both of them to afford them that success, even though my husband is a former K9 handler for a Colorado police department. We contacted Karen at K9 Companions in Nashville for help. Both dogs went to doggie boot camp for three weeks in April. Now, we can have them both out of their kennels at the same time without him jumping and running all over the place. The female is much more comfortable being near him and he isn’t out of control with her.

The change in them is amazing and we couldn’t be any more happy with the results from just three weeks. We continue to work with them, daily reinforcing their commands and training. This is essential to their success here at home. Basic manners of heel, sit, down, stay were just what they needed to begin living as part of the family. We have already scheduled for him to return to K9 Companions Nashville for an additional training in off leash & recall. We couldn’t be happier with the training they received. A special kudos to Melissa who worked with them. Both dogs loved to see Melissa when she came to our home to help with environmental issues. This tells us the dogs respected her even though the training was tough. She was firm, fair, and consistent with her training and loved on them when she could. The product tells us their training was high quality. We would recommend K9 Companions to anyone and everyone who is considering outside help in training their pet. K9 Companions took our 2 dogs and broke some bad habits and instilled good ones. We now have two obedient, loving companions to share our lives and take us on much needed walks. Thank you Karen and staff!

Deb Kraemer

We highly recommend K-9 Companions if you’re looking to train a dog that has uncontrollable behavior or needs service dog training. We are using them for both and couldn’t be more pleased with the results! Our puppy was so out of control that he was an outside dog that could not be in the house without being kenneled and could not be trusted near our son because he was SO out of control. After sending him to Karen’s boot camp for his puppy training he came back with manners and we learned how to handle him. Then he went to his second round of training and came back a dog that is now able to be part of our family AND bond with our young son, who will be using this dog as a service animal for mobility. Our dog came back knowing how to perform tasks (turn lights on, open/close doors, and retrieve dropped items), and is now an enjoyable part of our family.

Amy McQuary

K-9 Companions is absolutely the best training facility I have ever been to! I was blessed to be able to go through there school for dog trainers and learn from one of the best in the business. I was there for 8 weeks everyday and got to see the true care and compassion that Karen and her expert staff has for every dog in there care. The facility its self was extremely clean and well manged and the pups were always clean and very happy. The knowledge that each and every staff member had about the dogs in the facility showed everyone truly had a passion for there work and the dogs in there care. I would recommend them for anything dog related.

Camp K9 Post Falls

We acquired a GSD (Ripley) about 5 months ago and although we have had GSD’s before, this one was different. She would not listen well and pestered our other dogs, creating stress for them and us and did not like visitors. Over time we fell in love with her yet realized she has anxiety as well as aggression toward anyone else who came to visit. We contacted K-9 Companions Nashville and they got back with us within 48 hours. We took Ripley for a visit and evaluation and signed her up for 3 1/2 weeks of training. We brought our girl home this weekend and the difference in her is night and day! She listens extremely well now and doesn’t pester the others like she did before! It’s amazing! Karen also made it point to send lots of updates and pics letting us know how everything was going. Karen, owner and head trainer, explained our GSD is a high defense dog and likely bred for police work. It is in her DNA. We may have to take her back for additional training to help bring down her high defense trait, but for now we are SO THANKFUL for what Karen and her team of trainers have done for our dog and for us. Karen and this training center are extremely knowledgeable in training and helping with other issues and have many years of experience. They were such a Godsend! If you live in the Nashville area and need training for your dog, we highly recommend K-9 Companions Nashville!

Linda Jennings

I just came across your ad while looking for recipes on pupcakes for my baby\’s birthday today and I just had to say Thank you! for helping make my life so wonderful with a well behaved dog. Daisy attended your Bootcamp back in 2006 and it was the best investment I have ever made. She is the absolute best dog in the world with the help of you guys. Daisy will not walk through an open door without her command of “OK”. I can leave the door open to feel the nice cool breeze and I rest assure knowing that she won’t run out the door. She has even seen a cat walk by our door and she will not bolt out because she knows what the command of “stay” means. You have made such a difference in my life through this beautiful creature. You have made me a believer that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks.

Thank you and your staff for the training and love you have given to me and Daisy. Blessing to all of you.

Barbara and Daisy 🙂

Thank you so much Perris K9 Companions for teaching Guinness to be a good boy.

He is doing great – obeying the commands you taught him and finally knows how to be a pack member and us how to be the pack leaders.

Awesome job and feel free to use our names as references any time. You work miracles!

Pat Corcoran

Dear K-9 Companions, It has been a year since our “Lucky” completed your Home Manners and Management Course along with monthly refresher visits at your facility. We are convinced that your course has been one of the best financial and time investments we have made. Now that Lucky has grown to his 90 pound size, it is even more apparent that good behavior is essential. Without your excellent training, Lucky would not have become the high level cherished companion that he is. I smile when I recall that George had him tagged correctly from the beginning.. . . . that Lucky would be a great “couch potato”. Yes, that is true. He comfortably “hangs” with the family indoors and outside, exhibits excellent manners and obedience, is a pleasure to take on walks and runs, trustworthy to keep home boundaries. . . in short, he is a just right for our family. Having retained all that he learned, Lucky is a credit to the effectiveness of your Boot Camp™ Course. Thank you for the quality time and professional training from your entire organization. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Reed Family

Our 8 mo old puppy, Savannah, has just returned from “K9 Companions” Bootcamp. If you love your dog and want a tune up, or, love your dog except you’re ready to pull your hair out – K9 Companions is the Absolute BEST dog training facility. they are caring, consistent and our puppy’s personality NEVER changed. That was our greatest concern, and she was as happy to see us as she was to stay and hang out with the trainers and staff. She’s doing great, especially since she flunked the originally puppy training with a different bootcamp.

Kelly Fidel

Dear K-9 Companions and Tammy (our trainer)We’d like to say thank you for a job well done on our Rotti “Bruno”. I was a little skeptical at first, but Bruno is a totally changed dog. He is getting praised everywhere we go! Tammy, you did an excellent job and thank you for coming to our house. Bruno is doing well with his “place” command.Bruno will be back at K-9 Companions in a couple of months for his off leash training course.Thanks again!Marquez Family

Altadena, Ca (2-08)

Dear Karen and family:

We want to thank you and your family for everything you’ve done for us. It was important to Jasen that Cora (his service dog) was at home in her bed (when she had to be put down) as she always had a tendency to become stressed during veterinary visits. She was more relaxed being at home by Jasen’s side. It was much easier for Jasen to know that she was comfortable and happy at the end. We really appreciate you calling Dr. Hicks for us and the fact that he was willing to come to our home for this special dog who had been by Jasen’s side for 12 years.

We would like you to know that you would have been proud of Cora. She has done so many things for Jasen over the years. She comforted Jasen when he was down or sick. She also helped to comfort and cheer up many other children when Jasen was in the ICU at Loma Linda. She touched the lives of the nurses too.

During the times that Jasen was in the ICU Cora had to visit him every day to make sure that he was fine. If she wasn’t able to visit she would make herself sick with worry. This was how attached she was to Jasen and how much she loved him.

When Cora went to visit Jasen she would pull on her leash to get to him. Once she found him she would not leave his side. Sometimes she would stay with him until 10:00 at night. During the day she would visit the kids in the ICU. Some had been there for 3 months or more and they always would smile when they saw her and shake hands with her.

Once again, we would like to thank you and your family for everything! If ever there is anything we can do for your family please let us know.


The Strand Family

Riverside, Ca

Dear K-9 Companions, Karen & Tammy (my Trainer),

We just wanted to say a big THANK YOU, for

introducing me to this wonderful breed of dog

(The Boerboel).

It is hard to believe that Zulu is already one year

old. We wanted to say thank you to you and the

staff for always being so helpful and being our

resource for our dog issues.


The O’neill Family

Corona, California

K-9 Companions, I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you. I really appreciate the job you did with our dogs Chase (Yellow Lab) & Maggie (German Shorthair Pointer). I was very pleased to see their response when Diane came to our house on Friday, they were very happy to see her which spoke volumes. Maggie is doing great and we are working with her every day as well as Chase. I will be worry free when we leave them there in the first week of August. Thank you so much, I will tell all I know of your facility and the great job you did. Have a great day.

D. Torres, ChFC

Senior Financial Advisor, Chartered Financial Consultant

Irvine, California

Dear Kandice & K-9 Companions,

Thank you for spending the time with Doc! We can tell she really enjoyed her time at K-9 Companions with you. We also want to thank Kandice for driving out to our home in Huntington Beach to follow up her skills (and ours)! She is continuing to do well with all of her commands, especially waiting for “ok” to come up the stairs. We look forward to seeing you in the near future for her long-leash training! Thanks For Everything!

J. , S. & Doc Wilbur

Huntington Beach, California

Dear Tammy & The Whole K-9 Companions Staff,

We’d just like to say THANK YOU so much for taking care of “Brodie” & “Bella”!

Thank you Tammy for spending time with them! We are so pleased and happy with how our dogs turned out! They are amazing! We definitely couldn’t have done it without you guys! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


D. and L. Gomez

Rancho Cucamonga, California

A Note From Your friend Blade

To you my friends at K-9 Companions I was so happy to have been trained by you because of you I was able be a Loving, Protector and dear friend of my dear family Manuel, Tami Brittney, Beka and Dominic.

Please don’t forget me.

LOVE Always with dear respect and Love for you all

Blade O’Campo

To everyone at K-9 Companions

We just wanted to thank you all for all your help and for always being cheerful on the phone when we’d call to check on our dogs. Thank you all for your hard work and continued support even after the dogs have returned home! Thanks!

C.& P. Svagdis

“Noel & Jumbo”

Claremont, California

Dear K-9 Companions,

Knowing that my 21 year old daughter and her husband decided to serve in an orphanage and Christian School in Port au Prince , Haiti their first few years of marriage caused my wife and I a bit of concern given the kidnappings and other violence that occurs in such an impoverished nation. While ultimately, we place our faith in Christ, we definitely feel better that Atticus is there to guard Brittany , Rod and the home.

Atticus has adjusted well to the heat and his patrol duties. All though he is just under a year old, he has definitely found his bark and always patrols the property keeping an eye out for our daughter and the pre-school orphans that she tutors. He has a great disposition as both the younger and the older orphans love to play ball with him.

Thanks also for the 3 weeks of puppy Boot Camp™. It made a huge difference in his obedience. Hopefully he can come back to K-9 for more advanced training.

Peter Bohlinger

Manhattan Beach , Ca.

Dear K-9 Companions,

We wanted to Thank you so much for the care and training of our puppies Sierra & Summit. We appreciate your kindness & knowledge & time we received for the training of our “Wild Dogs”!

Thank you again- see ya soon at your facility for our 30 foot leash training. Much love and thanks,

H. & S. Morris

Sierra & Summit

Riverside, California

“The simple act of kindness does more to preserve the human spiritthan all other gifts

combined. Its effects aren’t always evident at the outset, but will variably bloom in the end”.

George and Karen,Thank you for your kindness. You helped our family make a difficult decision. It was hard for us to accept that our dog, Max, was dangerous.

Your gentle, straight forward words and kind actions helped us make the best of a painfuland stressful situation. Thank you for realizing that “Fox” needed a good home and we needed a good dog that we could trust. He is a blessing to us. He is a good companion to our other dog “Matty” and he is very playful with our children yet protective of the


Thank you for your recommendation regarding the Buzzard House for supplies and Dr. Hicks as a veterinarian. Also, a special thank you to Tessa for our in home lesson with

“Fox”. bWith sincere appreciation,

The Afansev Family

Riverside, California

My tail is still wagging!

Thanks for taking such good care of me!

“Rocky” Flores

Thank you to all the staff for taking such good care of Rocky!

A. Flores

Riverside, California

My dog, Misty just graduated from boot camp. I am so impressed with this training. Travis is a terrific trainer of both owner (me) and pet (Misty). She is a different dog than she was. If you are in Tennessee and need your dog trained, Travis and Abbey are the best.

Joy Spears Sloan