Dog Boot Camp™ Program

Our Most Popular Course!
There are many copies out there but we are the ORIGINAL! What does Boot Camp™ entail?

2-4 weeks where your dog stays with us and is trained by our staff. Positive reinforcement training daily with socialization working along side many different dogs and people. Multiple trainers working your dog means that your dog is not bonding to any one person.

A demonstration is then done for you prior to taking your dog home. You will watch your dog work without him knowing you are there. You will then begin to learn with your dog that day when you take him home. You will have several of these lessons at our facility open for you to take at no additional charge throughout the following year. This is our ongoing support program.

After your dog returns home the trainer will come to you within the next week to follow up on your in home issues. The dog will learn manners like stopping at doors and gates, stopping at curbs and not running in the street, and to come in and lay down in “place” on it’s bed, blanket, or rug. This makes the dog much more pleasant to be around when you are trying to get things done around the house. Extra in home lessons are available upon request.

How did the name Dog Boot Camp™ originate? You…..the clients nicknamed the training back in 1985. When clients found out that owner George Duet was a retired Army Drill Sergeant they started telling friends they were SENDING THEIR DOG TO BOOTCAMP. The name stuck and we eventually trademarked that slogan. In addition we always have at least a couple of trainers that are active or retired military.

We are proud to serve our military families and offer a 10% discount for active duty or retired military.
There are many copies out there, most of these don’t have any military background at all. Don’t be fooled. We are the original.