Online training will be self-guided or MENTORED by means of VIBER or ZOOM CALLS, PHONE CALLS, AND VIDEO EXCHANGES TO CRITIQUE TECHNIQUE. This will allow for the book learning, videos, and testing to be done at home.  The mentorship will allow for the early hands on learning with the students own dog or practice dog. The student then will be better prepared when coming to the facility to learn with various breeds and shadow the trainers to lessons with actual clients.


In recent years, we have been contacted several times with requests for information regarding the backgrounds of individual dog trainers claiming to have been Certified by K-9 Companions. Because of this we have compiled a list for easy access for people to locate the individuals by name and whether or not they were trained or Certified by us. Certified indicates that the individual took the dog trainer course and was tested on knowledge and practical application. We require that trainees have mentored hands on experience at our facility prior to Certification. All other listed dog trainers (non-certified) were trained from the level of kennel tech through trainer or Certified Master Trainer with 1 year or more of practical experience working with owners and dogs. Dates indicate the years of experience with K-9 Companions with or without certification. For anyone who cares to check you will see a number of dog trainers currently doing business in the United States as well as other countries. This list is not complete. If your name needs to be added please contact us for additions or corrections that should be made. C.M.T. indicates Certified Master Trainer.

WHAT IS A CERTIFIED MASTER TRAINER BY OUR STANDARDS? A Certified Master Trainer is a Certified Trainer who has then gone on to a higher level of training through an Advanced Course with K-9 Companions and/or employment leading to advanced knowledge in ADVANCED STUDY: Such as: Service Dog, Therapy Dog, or Rehabilitation Training. THIS IS SIMILAR TO THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A COLLEGE DEGREE AND A MASTERS DEGREE. THERE SHOULD BE ABSOLUTELY NO WAY THAT A TRAINER CAN BE A CERTIFIED TRAINER (CT), MUCH LESS A CERTIFIED MASTER TRAINER (CMT) WITH ONLINE STUDY ALONE, AS SOME PEOPLE REPRESENT.

  • Barrasa, Sybrina Certified (2012) Riverside, CA
  • Bell, Daniel (Certified 2015), CA
  • Bittikofer, Tessa (2000-2004) Hesperia, California
  • Bowers, Christine (2006-2008) Hemet, California
  • Bradsbery-Quick, LaKimba (2001-2006) Riverside, California
  • Cameron, Shannon CMT (2011-2013) Pasadena, Ca
  • Castaldo, Vandelina (Certified 2014) Beaumont, CA
  • Culbertson, Vicki (Certified 2015), CA
  • Christensen, Lily (2003-2005) Riverside, California
  • Dankert, Greg (Certified 1996-1997) New York
  • Dingwell, William (1993) Moreno Valley, California
  • Domingo, Jean (Certified 2010) Aliso Viejo, CA
  • Druker, Larry (Certified 1999) Upland, California
  • Duet, Travis CMT (2008-present) California, Tennessee (Course Instructor)
  • Erwin, Scott CMT (2009-2013) Riverside, CA
  • Fassbinder, Molly (1993) Claremont, California
  • Freilich, Jennifer (1998-2002) Riverside, California
  • Friedman Kandice (2005-2007) San Diego, Ca
  • Garcia, Ilany (2004-2007) C.M.T.Riverside, California
  • Garcia, Karla CMT (2007-2017) Gavalin Hills, California
  • Halbritter, Tamara CMT (2005-2016) Chino, California
  • Healy, Rose (1993) Fullerton, California
  • Hernandez, Monica (Certified 2012-2014) Lake Forest, CA
  • Hui, Amy (1998-1999) Laguna Beach, California
  • Jessup, Adriana CMT (Certified 2015), Las Vegas, NV
  • Kalvesmaki, Lindsay CMT (Certified 2015) Bethel Park, PA
  • Katularu, Eial (Certified 2010) Israel
  • Larkin, Tiffany (Certified 2009-2010) Temecula, Ca
  • Larson, Nikki (Certified 1998) Colorado
  • Loree, Michelle (Certified 2009) Temecula, Ca
  • Lunceford, Rebecca (1995) Fontana, California
  • Marcinkiewicz, Carmen CMT (2006-2010) Corona, Ca
  • Martin, Cara (Certified 2011) San Diego, Ca
  • Martin, Kathia (2010-2012) Murrieta, Ca
  • May, Joshua (Certified 2009) Los Angeles, Ca
  • Meade-Rodine, Lacy (1998-2003) Moreno Valley, California
  • Mesibov, Darren (Certified 2010) Potsdam, NY
  • Miller, Stephanie (1999-2003) Newport Bch, California
  • Mullin, Krista Certified (2012) Hacienda Heights, CA
  • Nelson, Scott (Certified 1997-1998) La Mirada, California
  • Norris, Dawn (1997-1998) Riverside, California
  • Parke, Nicholas CMT (2014 & 2018)  Coeur d’alene, Idaho
  • Perez-Lawton, Kimberly (1996-1998) Riverside, California
  • Port, Lori (Certified 1994-1995) Chino, California
  • Raz, Avner CMT (1990-1991) Israel
  • Reyes, Elizabeth (1995-2001) Riverside, California
  • Ringler, Michelle (2006-2010) Riverside, Ca.
  • Saradeth, Pon CMT (Certified 1990-1995) Yorba Linda, California
  • Savadian, Ani (Certified 1996) Iran
  • Selaya, Audrey CMT (2009 – 2011) Riverside, CA
  • Shanabarger, Jeff (Certified 2010) Hemet, CA
  • Sloan, Pamela (1994-1996) Arizona
  • Spadt, Lisa (1989-1994) La Habra, California
  • Sweeny, Dee Dee (Certified 1990-1993) Boston, Mass.
  • Sylvester, David (2005) Riverside, California
  • Tanksley, Kelli (2006-2008) Riverside, Ca
  • Tanner, Lee (Certified 2009) Norco, Ca
  • Terrazas, Anthoney CMT (Certified 1989-1991) Hacienda Heights, California
  • Varva, Nikki CMT (Certified 2014 to 2019) Mt Juliet, TN
  • Vaughn, Diane CMT (2003-2016) Riverside, California
  • Waggoner, Kenneth (1999-2000) Hemet, California
  • Walter, Laura (2007-2011) C.M.T. Corona, California

Nashville Tennessee Trainers

  • Arce, Jessica (Veteran-2021-present) Veteran, Nashville, TN
  • Burdick, Claire (2020-2021) Nashville, TN
  • Duet, Travis CMT (2008-2021) California, Tennessee (Course Instructor)
  • Miner, Christine (2021-present) Lebanon, TN
  • Pratt, Nicole (2017-2019) Mt. Juliet, TN
  • Rich, Amy (2021-present) Lebanon, TN
  • Smith, Tonya (2018-2019) Lebanon, TN
  • Varva, Nikki CMT (2014-present) California, Tennessee (Course Instructor)
  • Young, Melissa (2017-2020) Gallatin, TN

2015 trainers course graduates L-R Adriana Jessup, CA; Daniel Bell, CA; Vicki Culbertson, CA

20151119_K9_Companions-336 20151119_K9_Companions-331 20151119_K9_Companions-321

2015 trainers course graduates L-R Lindsay Kalvesmaki, PA; Taylor Soetje, Santa Clara, CA

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Non Profit Funding
Upon Approval

Certified Master Trainer
Nicholas Parke, Idaho

Certified Master Trainer
Pon Saradeth Anaheim Ca

Certified Master Trainer
Avner Raz, Israeli Army

Certified Trainer
Krista Mullin, CA

Certified Trainer
Darren Mesibov, NY

Certified Trainer Lee
Tanner USMC Retired

Certified Trainer
Cara Martin, CA